Midsummer MADness 2013 gallery

Midsummer MADness
Trerieve Farm, SE Cornwall, June 15th 2013

Family fun at Trerieve
       Banana Thieves        Young drummer

Mary Liddicoat (Tea Towel Tribe)        2013 poster        Clare Pettinger (The Cuckoo Collective)

Deviock Community Music        Mary & Andy Liddicoat (Tea Towel Tribe)        (L-R) Sarah Medway, Tessa Price & Pat McSherry (DCM)

The Chef        Our Catering Staff        Junior Rock Critic

Head Barman        Tessa Price (DCM)

The Cuckoo Collective        Deviock Community Music        Rob Halford (Banana Thieves)

To Be Blunt...        Deviock Community Music        Bill Honey (DCM)

Photos by kind permission of Chris Bowden.

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